Shirt Shields Underarm Sweat Pads – 20 Pads (10 Pairs)

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The Shirt Shields pack of 20 Pads (10 pairs) of underarm sweat pads is a new discreet solution for solving your underarm sweat problems. These are easily disposable underarm sweat pads that are made from 100% natural cotton, and are lightweight and ultra-thin, providing ultimate frictionless comfort for up to 12 hours. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, the highly absorbent and breathable Shirt Shields are perfect for all skin types.

We’ve all got those favourite items of clothing that we want to last longer, and now it’s never been easier to protect these garments from sweat damage. On top of protecting your best get-up, Shirt Shields will help you avoid embarrassing situations caused by unsightly sweat patches, whether it’s in an important meeting for work, a first date, or any high-pressure situation that may get you more sweaty than usual. We’ve got you covered.


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