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A new discreet solution for solving your underarm sweat problems. Shirt Shields are lightweight and ultra-thin, providing ultimate frictionless comfort.

Shirt Shields Underarm Sweat Pads


Protect your favourite clothing from sweat damage


Prevent embarrassing situations caused by unsightly sweat patches.


Easily dispose of Shirt Shields sweat pads when you’re done using them.



Made from 100% natural cotton

Dermatologically tested

For all skin types

12 Hour protection

All-day sweat protection


Safe for all to use

Highly Absorbent

Reliable protection from sweat


Stay comfortable all day long


Have the confidence to give your best in the boardroom, no matter how high the stakes are. Keep things distraction free with the focus fully on what you’re saying. With Shirt Shields, you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains ever again.


Reduce underarm sweat damage and never throw out good clothing again. Shirt Shields protects your most precious garments, making them last longer than ever before, saving you time and money.


Make unsightly sweat stains a thing of the past, and have the freedom to enjoy life and be in control of your day.  Shirt Shields provides you with protection in every situation.


What people are saying

Khaya - Cape Town

I now feel way more confident when doing my sales pitches to prospective clients. Shirt Shields has given me the confidence to fully express myself without fear of embarrassment. Thanks guys!

Jackie - Johannesburg

I love to spoil myself with a really nice outfit from time to time but I used to get so scared to wear them often out of fear that they might be ruined too soon. With Shirt Shields, I get so much more wear out of my clothing!

3 Layers of Protection

  • Nonwoven protective cotton top layer
  • Super absorption layer
  • Breathable layer

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